Myth is the psychic blueprint of reality. At MythMedia Studios, we believe our current “reality is broken”* and the power of myth can help fix it. Through MythMedia projects and collaborations we re-imagine our world one community, one story, one dream at a time. Our approach to creative resistance is shaped by transformative acts of myth making and world building. We bring a soulful creativity and radical hope for the future to all we do inspired by love for our communities and all humankind.


We are what we eat. As consumers of mass media, we must be conscious of what we feed our mind’s eye. At MythMedia Studios, we understand the medium is the message. The media we use constantly redefines our daily existence and what it means to be human in the 21st century. Storytelling has evolved with a new multiverse of digital platforms and virtual spaces. Engaging narrative and human experience is what myth-making is all about. Now, the digital “space is the place”. Utilizing media tools and diverse public platforms, we empower individuals and community to self-determine a brighter future. Through emergent myths of revolution and rebirth we strive to build safe spaces and sustainable worlds where all life matters.


At MythMedia Studios we design for LIFE. We see the human experience as an epic journey---a miraculous vision quest of meaning and purpose. We troubleshoot life challenges and existential issues that impact our communities and the planet with tools of imagination and the natural resources around us. We are sowers of seeds of hope and possibility. We are architects of a new reality that knows no bounds.