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Pop Prophecy is an ongoing video project produced by Li Sumpter as a tool for community engagement and direct action organizing around community readiness and resilience. Pop Prophecy media, print materials and event platforms are also utilized as promotional support for MythMedia Studios’ forthcoming graphic novel, Graffiti in the Grass. Pop Prophecy is produced by MythMedia’s media and design-based public awareness campaign, The Escape Artist Initiative.

Through studio and on-location interviews, confessionals and original poetry public platform is given to the voices and future visions of everyday people. At direct action organizing workshops and screening events for the video, a thematic zine is distributed to attendees and used as a work book for strategizing and creative problem solving. The forthcoming Pop Prophecy Survival Map and Zine is funded in part by the Leeway Foundation and supported by local community partners the North Philly Peace Park and Electric Sun Film Media.