Graffiti in the Grass 1
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Graffiti in the Grass is an interactive transmedia project that promotes creative resistance and community readiness through an apocalyptic myth set in future Philadelphia. One way this project is interactive is the “survival map” map insert it contains that charts real-to-life emergency routes and resources, sacred sites and safe spaces in the Philadelphia area that can be accessed in the event and a variety of existential threats.

Sumpter received an Art and Change Grant from the Leeway Foundation in 2016 and 2017 to develop the project and its community engagement components in collaboration with artists, local urban ecology partners, urban planners and emergency preparedness experts. Sumpter’s community “Change Partner” for the 2017 Leeway grant is the North Philly Peace Park. Eric Battle (illustrator) and Felix Serrano (digital colorist) are noted collaborators on initial concept art for the forthcoming graphic novel. The title—Graffiti in the Grass—is a reference to CROP CIRCLE designs and related phenomena.