Afrofuturism can be described as a cultural movement, aesthetic perspective and artistic practice. Various expressions of afrofuturism explore the future through the historic past, alternate timelines, polychronic systems and emergent themes that put blackness and black life into creative and critical contexts. Sumpter has been creating and curating through the lens of afrofuturism for over 15 years beginning with the Black Odyssey Project funded by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance’s 5-County Arts Fund in 2003.

Sumpter’s focus has been afrofuturism in apocalyptic film, television and gaming. Recently, her work has found fertile ground for creative resistance and myth-making in the world of urban farming and agroecology. Current projects address historical injustices suffered by black and brown people as a result of ecological crisis, food insecurity and natural disaster. Sumpter utilizes pop culture and speculative fiction to create images and direct action tools that cultivate readiness and resilience of mind, body and spirit.